Monday, January 9, 2012

Rich Pot Buffet Steamboat & Teppanyaki @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

This. Is. The. Worst. And. Suckiest. Restaurant. I've. Been. To. Period.

No joke. I saw their offer in Groupon (yes, again) 5 months ago, and since it's only RM15.50 for steamboat buffet, it's super worth it right? So I asked my college mates and they agreed to it as well, hence I ended up buying fifteen coupons. But due to our busy schedules (it's not easy with 15 people ok! sure got some people not free on days when others are free), we only managed to get everyone together today, which is the second-last day till the expiry date.

So yesterday which was the 8th, Adrian called up the place to make reservation. The Terms & Conditions stated Minimum 1 day prior booking required, so there isn't anything wrong with it right. But no, the stupid man talked to Adrian in a very rude manner and the conversation went somewhat like this:-

Rude man: You people very like to last minute only come one right!
Adrian: Er... but your last day is 10th, and we're going on the 9th.
Rude man: It's fully booked now. You come only lah. Got place then got place. No place then wait.

Like toooooooooot. Damn wtf lah. So I know the Terms & Conditions also stated that Booking subject to availability. We wouldn't mind so much if the booking is closed, but hey, you're doing business here and so you ought to know how to treat your customers ok! We're the one paying you for your good service, not to get fucked by that fucked up attitude of yours. You can at least inform us in a proper manner saying that it is fully reserved. And not just straight shoot us with that blardie first sentence of yours.

We arrived there at around 7.15pm and we were told to wait. There was quite a long queue of customers waiting for seats as well, and I can see that most or all the customers actually bought the voucher online too.  1 hour later, we finally got our tables. As I was sitting there, I could see a lot of unhappy customers. It was my first time seeing the customers going out one-by-one to take photos of the shop. No doubt it is to write bad reviews, like me :P

Look at the customers gathering there, all waiting for tables.

Also, apparently Adrian wasn't the only one who received the bad attitude from the man. A small group of customers was standing behind me waiting for table and they were complaining all the way about the fucked-up attitude of the man. LOL. Imagine how bad this is?

The website says:

Over 100 varieties to choose from
Bullshit! There was only about 50 varieties if not mistaken. 

Concluding dinner, desserts include ice-cream, longan tau foo fah and herbal jelly delights, ensure employment for underused teeth and toothpicks.
Another bullshit. Why I see no longan tau foo fah and no herbal jelly? What more, the only flavour of ice-cream left was yam. And that also super limited in which our table of 15 pax only managed to get three bowls of it. Why no refill? So unprofessional! Then the rest of the customers don't get desserts anymore, do they? Pft. 

Even the drinks are damn diluted. Ice lemon tea like plain water with colouring only. Unprofessional service. Fucked-up service. Food sucks. Basically everything sucks in that restaurant.

This, is the restaurant I've been ranting about. Look and remember and never ever step foot in it.

I normally don't give ratings because I don't know how to, but at least I know how to rate this.

I give this restaurant 1/10.  Why 1 and not zero? Well, let's not be so mean and save their reputation a little. At least the teppanyaki is not that bad and some of us actually liked it. 

Honestly? The ice-cream is the best of all.

And my advice? If you don't know how to manage, please don't put up offers like this. You ought to foresee the worst case scenario. If you don't know how to respect your customers, please don't bloody run restaurants because you should know that in food industry, not only the food quality is important but service is equally important as well. If you don't know these simple things, you might as well just close shop. Which I expect it to happen sooner or later, judging by the number of angry customers today.

I think some of them just stormed out without dining after they took photographs of this lousy place.

I can summarize my opinion on this place with just two words. Fucked up.

A closer and clearer look of the logo.

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